To create your media, you no longer need to get professionally educated and a special license. Now it is enough to have a smartphone, tablet, or PC and Internet access. Any blog is already a citizens free press. Like any newspaper, magazine, or TV station, this kind of press is subject to the First Amendment to the US Constitution. However, the popularity lies in the uniqueness, including the unusual design. Therefore, it is crucial to have memorable branding to collect your civilian free media readers and subscribers. That's why citizens free press to use the services of designers.

Because I care about these things: selecting papers to suit personalities, painstakingly creasing and taping to perfection, topped with a flourish of ribbon and a stylishly scripted note. Whether you're the type to tear wildly in with glee or patiently and lovingly unstick each sticky square of tape, preserving the shiny sheets that embrace my humble offering, I care about these things...

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Whether gifting for Christmas or purchasing for yourself and home, here’s a look at some of the best design discoveries this year and a few items you should pre-order in 2016 from talented Caribbean artist, designers and makers. 

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I have been in this art thing since I was 17 or 18 and I’m 50. I have been framing for 20 years so I have known some of these artists for 25 years or more. Some of their work I like some I don’t.... I have a lot of friends with gallery spaces and my space is not better than anybody else’s. It is just that I am willing to take a chance and show the stuff you don’t see in everybody else’s space because I believe in their work.

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