Instagram Interview with Photographer, Brendan Dezlin

Our Designer Island Instagram Profile Series features work of artists who utilize Instagram as a preferred medium to showcase their work. At Designer Island we are always on the look out for similar minded artists and naturally want to connect, share and chat with them. One of our recent finds is BSDLife, Brendan Dezlin, a Trinidadian Photographer/Visual Artist. Brendan highlights the natural landscapes of the Caribbean discovered through his love of adventure, and passion for wildlife. We asked him what influences him most and if his work is meant to influence the Trinidad and Tobago brand.

DI: Tell us a bit about your background who is BSD Life?

BSDLife: BSD is an abbreviation of my name- Brendan Sean Delzin. I was born in Trinidad & Tobago, and grew up in Diego Martin, Trinidad. I'm a self-taught photographer/visual artist and have always been fascinated by the island landscape and its animals that call these twin islands home.  My love for wildlife comes from living in a household with lots of animals. To be honest, it all began when I was 17 years old. I decided to buy myself a DSLR camera. Seven years later, and I'm still using that same camera. I started taking it everywhere with me, on hikes, to the beach, underwater and in the forest. I just always loved being outdoors so I started to document everywhere I went with images


DI: Why did you choose Instagram to display your photos and do you just use your phone or a camera and then upload the pictures? What camera do you use?

BSDLife: I use Instagram because it’s an ideal platform for photo sharing. I started using the app to better share my imagery with people in the Caribbean. I take most of my photos with my camera and I use three different kinds, a Go pro, a Canon T1i and an EOS 5DC. All have proved to be extremely reliable, as they have withstood being submerged in waterfalls and covered in sand.


DI: What attracts you to or influences you most to decide on your locations and subjects?

BSDLife: I am attracted mostly to locations that are all natural, especially locations that have not been influenced or altered by human development. As you can see by my photos I really like underwater, nature and landscape type scenery. If I could I would spend everyday by the sea.


DI: What informs or influences your aesthetic and style of photography?

BSDLife: I really don’t take for granted that I live on an island. I believe that the landscape and lifestyle should be documented in a way that seems authentic. I wake up everyday wanting to go out and find new places to photograph that capture that Caribbean essence.


DI: Obviously you love to drive! What vehicle do you use to get to your locations around the island? Just so you know we are imagining a lot of sand, caked on mud splatter and big wheels.

BSDLife: Haha, yes I really do love driving! I drive a diesel pickup that gives me the opportunity to visit many secluded locations around Trinidad & Tobago. I would usually park somewhere and hike or swim to my location, so the vehicle stays quite clean. Haha.


DI: We usually ask —what’s your idea of the Caribbean aesthetic - but we want to ask you what’s your idea of Trinidad & Tobago‘s aesthetic or brand? Do you think we even have one? Is your work meant to influence that brand?

BSDLife: I definitely think Trinidad & Tobago has a brand of its own, a brand that is greatly influenced by the energy of its people and the culture. I have been to almost all of the Caribbean islands and T&T has a uniqueness of energy that is indescribable.


DI: Only because we don’t want to start a riot on our blog won’t we ask you which you prefer between Trinidad and Tobago, but when in Tobago… where is your favourite place to stay and spot to chill and maybe take a photo or two?

BSDLife: My favorite spot to stay in Tobago is around the Arnesvale area. I love the landscape and the beautiful Jacamar birds that inhabit there.My favorite spot to chill in Tobago would have to be around Bloody Bay and Man o War Bay. I love that bay!


DI: Where would you most like to photograph in the world?

BSDLife: Costa Rica!


DI: Do you surf?

BSDLife: I wish I could. I have tried it a few times but I think I'll stick to being in the water taking photos of the real surfers.


DI: When not taking pictures you are mostly likely… ?

BSDLife: I'm most likely to be found mountain biking or parked up at the side of the road somewhere scenic having a cup of coffee.


DI:  What can we expect from BSD Life in the future?

BSDLife: I really want to showcase my images around Trinidad & Tobago to increase awareness of our nations lush landscape and endangered wildlife. Our wildlife is in danger from illegal poaching and hunting. The rainforest and mountains are in jeopardy due to illegal quarrying. My goal is to educate people about what these beautiful islands have and why we must strive to preserve it.


Thanks for your time Brendan and good luck in all your future endeavours!
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Check out the life of Brendan Dezlin on Instagram at @BSDlife

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