Tabebuia Season

The pouis are against me. Actually actively conspiring against me.

Their silence over the past few months had lulled me into a false sense of security.
But it was all a sham.
They had been plotting, lying in wait even, for the perfect time to allow their evil to bloom.

Insidious little beasts they are.

Like the way in which they flurry around you as you drive around the savannah –
blinding you under the guise of beauty, distracting you from their true intent.

To the unsuspecting, I say: be warned! Their daintiness is hypnotic,
flooding your soul with serenity until you can't help but stop a while...

And it starts out well enough. You emerge from the safety of your car,
to take a pic and revel in nature as it unfolds around you.
The lush colours, the vibrancy of life, the affirmation that this, this is the Caribbean.

But it's just a ploy. Before you know it, you've been drawn into that luxurious expanse of green
and yellow and orange and white.
Your endorphins betray you with a twitch of your cheek and a glint in your eye,
as you dive into the sea of petals sprawled before you.

Stay back, I say!

Before the frenzy of life abandons you. Before the deadlines die and your stresses scurry for cover.

The amnesia is so attractive. There are no bills here.
No murders here. No silly season politics here. No corruption here...

Stay back, I said! Because this fleeting happiness is but an illusion.
Real life is back there, parked neatly on the roadside, crying in vain to save you from these sirens.
Don't you hear it? The traffic? The horns? The rush?

Don't succumb the way I have... Don't. Be. Tempted.

The pouis are after me.

Heaven help us all.

Writer: Nicole Martin
Nicole is a creative professional,
writer and editor based in Trinidad and Tobago.

Photography: Rendel Gonzales

All Rights are reserved by Designer Island Life.
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I love it soooo much…but I don’t want to run! I want to stay were bills don’t exist…..

By Nissy on April 19 2015

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