“The Charm Table” - Creative. Innovative. Beautiful.

The legs of Designer Marlon Darbeau's newest work is the first attraction to his new design but there's more to this charming table. A little storage unit hides in the center of it's mahogany surface as it balances on it's tippy toes like a ballerina in space. The subtle black of the storage unit adds to the modern look but this delightful table will easily compliment your modern or traditional workspace.


DI: Do you think Trinidad has a brand?

MD: “Yes I think Trinidad and Tobago has a brand but what we have to ask ourselves is;
“Is it a brand that we like?”
“Is it a brand of value?”
“That value has to do with our perceptions of patriotism and economic value.
We haven’t yet reached to the point of understanding how to maximize our brand.”

Continue reading Designer Island's Interview with Marlon Darbeau expressing his views about the idea of the 'Caribbean Aesthetic' here.

Images courtesy: By Making (@bymakingstudio) and Photographer: Damian Libert

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